Part of being progressive involves our strong commitment to achieving the highest standards of sustainability and responsibility.

Ridgeway is always considering our wider impact on future generations and working to ensure that this impact is positive.


We are committed to being a guardian for future generations.

We will be a 90% paperless office, and any paper used will be recycled and offset.

We are committed to minimising our carbon emissions from business travel and will offset all measurable emissions.

We will manage the carbon footprint of our building to ensure we are responsibly consuming power and water.

We commit to only working with companies who also value responsible consumption and production.

Good Health and Wellbeing

Ridgeway is committed to being a responsible employer, seriously considering the physical 
and mental wellbeing of our colleagues.

We engage in open and honest dialogue and commit to treating fairly everyone in our organisation and beyond.

We have four trained mental health first aiders who are able to confidentially assist our colleagues with any concerns, work related or not.

We hold regular company-wide development town halls where everyone is encouraged to have a voice and debate is frequently held.

We are committed to flexible working and provide comprehensive health insurance policies (including mental health support) to ensure the wellbeing of our staff.

Accountability and Relationships

At Ridgeway, we believe in building honest, fair and supportive relationships. From start to finish, we commit to honest and transparent information to allow clients and candidates to make informed choices. We hold ourselves accountable to our values and take responsibility for our actions.

Diversity and Inclusion

We are passionate believers that diverse and inclusive teams allow businesses to thrive best. We also recognise that we have a wider role to play in our community. For more information on our work in the community, diversity and inclusion initiatives and internship programme, visit our DE&I page.

Ridgeway is a Teneo company.

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