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Ali Ortner


Ali Ortner

Ali is a Consultant supporting executive and board level searches and relationship building across various sectors, listed and unquoted, including private equity-backed companies.  She joined Ridgeway from Norman Broadbent where latterly she worked across multiple industry sectors on non executive, chair and senior executive searches.  Prior to this, Ali worked for 15 years in search as an executive assistant and project manager.  She holds a BA in Italian from the University of Leeds.

What is the single most important challenge facing clients today and how can we help?

Clients are acutely aware that they need to reflect the social make up, aspirations and challenges of their customers to remain relevant and attractive to win business today and reach the customers of tomorrow.  It is our responsibility to ensure we are shining a light on new talent to support our clients in future proofing their business.

How do we keep diversity at the forefront of client discussions?

Eliminating unconscious and conscious bias throughout the search process is a must; supporting our clients in fulfilling their responsibilities to their clients, colleagues and investors to bring cognitive and cultural diversity to the board table.

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