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Charlie Riley

Associate Consultant

Charlie Riley

Charlie is an associate consultant assisting in candidate research across the range of sectors covered at Ridgeway.

Prior to joining Ridgeway, Charlie completed a MSc degree in Applied Social Data Science at the University of Exeter. The skills of which gained, he is hoping to employ to the best of Ridgeway’s advantage.

How do you think search will evolve over the next few years?

Connecting people is of course the central element of search, and by that understanding personal character and engagement is not at risk of being totally ousted by evolving technologies. However, the space for data driven solutions within the industry still stands as far from being fully realised. As data in search becomes more and more abundant, greater emphasis should be placed upon how that data is handled and whether fair and meaningful interpretations are actually being drawn on behalf of the individual.

What makes us progressive?

Looking beyond the immediate convenience of how things have been done in the past is a key element of the firm’s identity. At Ridgeway we look to be proactive in driving positive across all forms of identity. Both internally and externally, Ridgeway strives to drive group diversity in an all-encompassing sense of both a person’s features and perspectives, making for a more innovative and creative working culture.

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