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Christine Loughrey

Managing Director

Christine Loughrey

Christine is a Managing Director in the Consumer Financial Services and Fintech practice, advising clients on board and senior executive hiring across consumer, commercial and private banking, payments and fintech. She specialises in customer and digital leadership appointments across financial services.  

Christine works with a diverse portfolio of clients, ranging from privately-backed growth ventures to FTSE100 organisations, to find the next generation of leaders. She is a passionate promoter of diversity and equality in the workplace and has a strong track record in helping her clients achieve their diversity and inclusion objectives.  

Prior to joining Ridgeway, Christine was a Principal at specialist retail financial services boutique, Carbon, and previously led her own executive research firm, The Research Bank.

Christine holds a BA in Business Economics from the University of Liverpool and is a member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.  

How have clients’ expectations and priorities changed during your time here?

The pace of change in financial services is arguably unprecedented.  A decade of revolutionary change seems to have happened in the last 18 months.  Our clients are determined to stay relevant to their customers and to anticipate their ever changing needs and demands.  The insurgence of small scale competitors, disrupting markets and driving innovation, has accelerated this trend.

The global pandemic has also led to significant transformation within businesses – new, flexible and inclusive ways of working are becoming the norm.  As they adapt to digital ways of working, businesses are keen to recruit the best talent irrespective of where in the country or indeed of the world, they live.  As a result there are remarkable opportunities for emerging and distinctive talent.  The best search companies have to think more widely and move more quickly than ever before.

What makes us progressive?

Ridgeway is a fluid, dexterous and contemporary company with a passionate commitment to diversity and change.  Our approach is faster, less prosaic and more dynamic than traditional practice. 

Ridgeway anticipates change rather than reacting to it, this was one of the key attractors for me when I joined the firm over three years ago.  As a business we have built a reputation for pioneering change.  For example, leading the drive to improve diversity and equality in the workplace, long before it became a focus of increased regulatory scrutiny.  We have a clear sighted commitment to respond rapidly to our clients, to think creatively and broadly and to find the best modern talent.

We pride ourselves on the depth of our long standing client relationships, acting as trusted advisors and ensuring that imaginative recruitment is a key asset in delivering their strategic objectives.

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