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Danielle Jackson-Stops

Associate Director

Danielle Jackson-Stops

Danielle is an Associate Director within the CFO and Governance practice at Ridgeway, joining in 2017. Prior to this she worked as an Associate at DHR International, where she specialised in investment banking and private equity. Danielle started her executive search career at Lawbrook Partners, a boutique search firm specialising in asset management and investment banking. She holds a BA in Economics and Business Studies from the University of Newcastle.

Why do you enjoy working at Ridgeway?

Ridgeway is much more than just a company, it becomes part of your family. Our boutique nature means we all work together towards a common goal and colleagues are always happy to offer advice. The entire company still gets together weekly to brainstorm ideas for new searches and discuss any challenges, as it has done since our inception, which promotes a collaborative and supportive culture.

Since joining the business I have benefitted from gaining experience across a whole range of sectors and businesses; from working with clients in the FTSE100 to pre revenue start-ups. This certainly keeps us all on our toes and makes for challenging but rewarding weeks. Our ethos of starting every search with a blank sheet of paper allows us to adapt to a multitude of requirements from our clients and achieve the best possible result. I find nothing more satisfying than uncovering new up and coming talent and I think it is important to promote diversity of all kinds, even when this means challenging our clients.

What is the single most important challenge facing clients today and how can we help?

The move to remote working since the Covid-19 crisis is one of the biggest challenges businesses have faced in recent times. It has been interesting to see how adaptable we can all be, and I see huge opportunity for companies to leverage this going forwards. For our own industry the ability to interview and hold client meetings remotely has enabled us to become even more nimble, and has also often allowed us to widen the candidate pool to include those who were previously not geographically mobile.

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