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Emma Lucas

Executive Assistant

Emma Lucas

As executive assistant in in the diversity, equity and inclusion practice, Emma is responsible for assisting Heather Melville in bringing DE&I to the forefront with our clients and ensuring we continue to develop a diverse pipeline of talent.  She also supports Jack Biddulph in our Human Resources and Corporate Affairs Practice.

Prior to Ridgeway she worked in property management and administration for a retail bank in London and, prior to that, was studying in sunny New Zealand.

Why do you enjoy working at Ridgeway?

I enjoy working at Ridgeway because the team are so great. Everyone works really well together and I always feel supported to take on new projects and to get involved at any level of the process. It’s a ‘choose your own adventure’ kind of workplace!

What makes us progressive?

I think Ridgeway is progressive because we are always questioning our processes and assumptions. Everyone in the company is encouraged to have an opinion and often someone will push to rethink the way we work or the way we are approaching a search. I think that’s what keeps us growing and moving forward.

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