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Kirsty Johns

Data and Analytics Manager

Kirsty Johns

Kirsty is the Data and Analytics Manager for Ridgeway in London.  She oversees the creation and enforcement of policies for effective data management, evaluating systems and techniques for quality data collection to ensure accuracy and legitimacy of data, using these to provide valuable business insights to help drive business development.  Kirsty also ensures that company data policies are reviewed and updated to maintain adherence to legal and company standards.

Kirsty joined Ridgeway in 2015 after returning from the Middle East where she oversaw operations for a facilities management subsidiary of a global construction company.  Prior to this, Kirsty’s background is predominantly in the housing management sector.  

Why do you enjoy working at Ridgeway?

I enjoy being part of our strong internal operations team to help ensure the continued growth of our business, and to ensure we have the data and technology to deliver the best possible service to our clients.

What do you consider your greatest achievement at Ridgeway?

Achieving compliance with the GDPR has been a challenge, but one data is vital to ensure the safety of our customer

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