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Raj Soneji


Raj Soneji

Raj is a Consultant working across a variety of sectors and appointments at Ridgeway. He joined Ridgeway from Bailey Montagu where he was a Researcher in their Industrial and Consulting and Professional Services practices, where he played a key role in the execution of assignments across both sectors.

What is the single most important challenge facing clients today and how can we help?

The battle for great talent remains fierce. Technological advancements as well as ‘the new normal’ means organisations will have to adapt to ways of working never seen before in history. Ridgeway strive to engage with a wider talent pool to ensure that we’re able to capture ‘hidden talent’.

How do we keep diversity at the forefront of client discussions?

Studies conducted by McKinsey ‘Diversity wins: How inclusion matters’ (2020) and ‘Delivering through diversity’ (2018) demonstrate the importance of having a diverse workforce. Given the challenges presented by Covid-19, it is of paramount importance that organisations foster an environment of diversity, equality, and inclusion. Ridgeway put diversity at the heart of what we do, we’re constantly seeking to invest in building relationships with diverse talent, as well as encouraging organisations to think more broadly around creating actionable points.

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