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Tom Robinson


Tom Robinson

Currently a Consultant in Ridgeway’s Chief Financial Officer practice, Tom previously spent two years with a boutique search consultancy specialising in wholesale financial services.  

How will search evolve over the coming years?

Over the past 18 months we have observed one of the most rapidly evolving corporate landscapes in recent memory. At both the macro and micro levels, it has become apparent that businesses must adapt their processes to succeed in an evolving business landscape and mitigate their risks.

We are observing the nascence of novel functional leadership roles: Sustainability Officers, Diversity Officers and Innovation Officers amongst others, and as functions diversify, the value of a reliable Human Capital partner becomes evident. 

The Search industry will develop greatly in its advisory function, partnering with clients to develop new corporate functions, advising on the most suitable skillsets and characteristics to maximise the potential of the nascent functions. Aside from assisting in the digital transformation of clients, search itself will become more data driven, utilising analytics and AI processes to ensure the compatibility of candidate and client.  

What makes us progressive?

Rather than applying a ‘one size fits all’ approach, Ridgeway takes care to understand the challenges facing its clients, engaging in partnerships beneficial to clients both financially and culturally. A long term view is taken to the success of a client’s business; meticulous consideration given to the viability of a solution in a rapidly evolving business climate. 

Issues of Diversity, Sustainability and Governance are areas of passion and expertise for Ridgeway, each Partner heavily invested in solutions that address both a client’s challenges in the short-term, and those that are sustainable in the long-term.

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